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 AnthonyFile for GM

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PostSubject: AnthonyFile for GM   AnthonyFile for GM EmptyWed Sep 07, 2011 9:36 pm

Well I figured I would try to make this as professional as possible, Im going to use Tusks' application's format just going to add to it,

Active: Yes, I play everyday at least for a few hours.
Helpful: Yes, all any new player has to do to is ask and I give them good advice and usually throw them some money if they could use it.
Enforces Rules: Yes, It ticks me off more then anything when Mysterio and Davif arent on and people think they can do w.e they want on the server.
Chooses Sides: Only in the case that I know that the person im taking sides with is 100% in the right.
Smart: Yes, I would like to throw in that I have alot of experience with being Admin on multiple types of RPG games servers.
Kind: Yes, Im nice to anyone as long as I am shown the same respect.
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AnthonyFile for GM
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