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 Mirajane's GM Appy

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Mirajane's  GM Appy Empty
PostSubject: Mirajane's GM Appy   Mirajane's  GM Appy EmptyWed Sep 07, 2011 11:10 pm

In Game Name : Mira


Key : Hikari-Maya

Activeness :(12hours/24)

What job I want: Enforcer/GM

Reason to pick me :been on byond for about a 3/4years now (leaving and coming back) im a fair player/gm, nice person,easy to get along with and had alot of experience being co owner on some games

Experience :Naruto dark moon rising(co owner),Bleach Memory's Of A Nobody(Co Owner),Bleach Curse of the shinigami(co owner) Naruto Kyuubis Vengeance(Frantz Server/Gm),Naruto The Last Battles2.0(Admin),Naruto death of madara(Admin),Naruto Light Of Shadows(co owner),Bleach Shattered Souls Renewed(co owner),Naruto: The Legendary Ninja(co owner),Naruto: Shinobi Revolution(co owner)

Additional Comment(s): thanks for reading this and i fully understand if im not picked ^_^
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Mirajane's GM Appy
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